Vim keymappings please

Any chance of including the vim keymappings supported by codemirror as an option?

How about user definable key-mappings. Likely the easiest approach might be a configuration file is some format such as JSON or YAML. This way people can roll their own and post it/share. Saves you upkeep and maintenence if you expose that to us users.

Use the plugin “keybingdings.ftplugin” in the plugins-master download in this forum. It show you how to role your own plugin for do keybindings.

They are included, but there’s still work to be done to make it all work right when enabled. In a plugin you can try something like:'vimMode', true);

And you’ll get “something”. But there are lots of problems. If someone really wants this I can get you started debugging, but I’m probably not going to put time into this myself right now.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I’d just like to ask about Vim support again - I know it’s not as simple as including the CodeMirror .js but would be a huge boost if it could be made to work!

I don’t know why, but FoldingText feels like it should support Vim mode, if that makes any sense.

I created a quick and dirty plugin which enables Vim mode, based on @jessegrosjean’s line above. The ESC key doesn’t work, the prompt looks a little weird in normal mode, and :w doesn’t work, but otherwise there’s some basic functionality there.

Wow, @lorin - this is awesome! I’m only seeing this now as I don’t seem to be receiving notifications, but this is exactly what I was after.

BTW I’m using BetterTouchTool to remap Esc (or in my case, Hyper) to Ctrl+[ to keep that muscle memory going :]