Weird stopwatch behaviour

Recently come back to using the app after a break. Catching up on things like stopwatch, which sounds great, but I think I’ve come across a problem:

If I try to manually adjust the timekeeping, it really screws with things. I’d very much like to use the stopwatch instance as an editable time log, i.e. use the stopwatch to record time, but be able to manually round times up/down, add time, and so on.

The basics of the editing the times seems to work fine, you can adjust a timer from say 15 seconds to 30 seconds and the total time count (to the left of the ‘start’ button) updates accordingly. However, if you do much of this, things start to go wrong quickly. It seemingly doesn’t like to mix time units, or allow you to enter anything over about 40 seconds (it seems). Really bizarre, but I’m sure there’s a reason this is happening – and I don’t think I’m making an obvious error.

If anyone can help me out with tips for editing the time correctly, in a way that is compliant with the stopwatch functionality, that would be great. Otherwise I guess this is just a bug or oversight that could be fixed in the future.



Thanks and welcome back to FoldingText.

I’m not currently maintaining the existing version of FoldingText, but will be working on a new version. If you think there’s something I can help with just by explaining how the feature works, awesome, please send me some more details (preferably a gif or video showing the problem), but if you think it’s a bug, I’ll have to regretfully ask you to wait for a bit while I get my act together and release the next version.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Many thanks for your reply. In fact I did some further experimentation, and it looks like the unexpected behaviour was a result of the stopwatch list clashing with my improper use of the level hierarchy. It may be that this is something which could be polished for ease of use, but I don’t think it is a bug after all. I’ve since repeated what I was originally trying to do (edit time records in a stopwatch instance) and everything worked correctly, so I’m very pleased about that.

All the best