Where can we find updates for FoldingText?

Hi all !

I’ve asked the question before, but never got any response.
Since the tread in question was more than a year old, I figured I’d start a fresh one.

Where can we find updates for FoldingText ?

Using both the AppStore version 2.2 (770) and Dev 2.3 (781), there’s no “Check for Updates…” menu.

Am I missing something ?

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t think there are updates beyond those releases.

Dev 2.3 (781)
Where did you find it?

It is linked to here: http://support.hogbaysoftware.com/t/foldingtext-2-3-dev-release/2641

Thanks. I read on the forum this version did not work so well and needed some fixing.

The Dev release is not supposed to be a stable release, so there will be some issues with it. The stable release is 2.2 that you can download from the website. You could try both, and see what works well for you. The project is not being developed super actively, so it may be a while before there is a new release.

Yes, and I am very sorry it is not. FT is just what I need ; although I miss an IOS companion app . I tried Editorial but got no luck.