Where is FoldingText?!


I’ve been a FoldingText-user at the very beginning of it and forgot about it after a year or two. I’ve just remembered now and searched for it but

  • I couldn’t find and download it from the AppStore
  • I couldn’t find an alternative download-link on foldingtext.com
  • A couple of links from latest Jesse’s tweets hinting to a new home for FoldingText led to a private website

While searching I’ve just discovered that I’ve must have missed the whole transition to another owner!

Could somebody help me with some hints please?


My name is David Croy I purchased FoldingText a few months ago. I’m working on the new Beta 3.0 I hope to have out soon. The old version from Jesse had issues when validation the license. Do you need a copy of FoldingText 2? What was the website that was private?


Hey David,

thanks for your quick reply.

It would be great if you could provide a download-link for FoldingText 2.

Great news about the Beta of the Version 3! I would be glad to help with testing it.

On this website:

there is this link


that leads to a website saying “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

I also found some weird errors on the last posts on the FoldingText-blog (cannot paste a third link as a new user :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Jesse removed the FoldingText Category from his support forum. I have loaded them here. you can search on the forum for the old messages.

Thank you for letting me know about issues with the blog. I will fix them.


I found a download for 2.02 here at MacUpdate.

Clicking “Buy Now” will email you a serial number for $0.00 that works to authorize it. But that serial number will not work in version 2.2 so don’t update it.

At least this will get people by who bought new computers (me) and couldn’t download it.

I’m currently working on version 3.0. Version 2.2 has issues with the serial numbers.

Here is a link to 2.3 that doesn’t require a license.