Where is the character count in FoldingText?

I’m pretty sure that there is a character count function in FoldingText, but it must be hidden, I cannot find it. Please help me if you’ve found it.

It’s in the View menu. When the menu item “Word Count” is selected then word count should display in the lower right corner of your document.

Yes, the WORD count, but where is the CHARACTER count? I’m a freelance writer and write for journals. They want articles with a specific text length counted by characters. Thank you in advance. By the way, FoldingText is absolutely great! :smiley:

Plus one!

@birnle @Graeme Bit late. Not sure if @mutahhir will decide to build this in or not. But I’ve just posted a quick character count plugin here:


Here’s how to install.


Thanks Jesse. Plugin works a treat!