Will you implement the remember feature of TP?

All is in the title, will you implement the remember feature of TP 3.5.2 beta and if yes, when ? TP is great for me but folding text seems to implement much features for mixing task and note taking. Just to know if i should stuck with one or the other before writing too much file.

Whatever the answer, i’ve bought these two great apps so i could use both and support you effort.

I don’t expect that FoldingText will integrate with Reminders.app like I’m currently adding to TaskPaper. Right now FoldingText is more in maintenance mode. Mutahhir is working on it as a side project, but he’s recently changed jobs and very busy at the day job right now. I do expect there will be new FoldingText releases, some work on themes is upcoming. But I don’t expect a Reminders.app integration.