Wrong calc 1371085.38-12207490.07

I think it’s not true :slight_smile:

FT verson 2.1 (753).

Can you give the full document for context?

I’m sorry


I think the problem must be do to some editing sequence, or do to more context in the original document. When I open your document I see:

Which I think is the correct result. Do you still see a different result when you open the document that you sent me afresh?

Thank you!!
Yes, now it’s right.

And can I see not exponential result?

Truth is I’m not sure. For the actual math part FoldingText is using http://mathjs.org. I just took a quick look and didn’t immediately see if the result representation can be controlled from the input or not. But maybe. Anyway good idea to take a look at that site anyway to learn about more advanced features such as variables and functions.